J'leytai Mitu

Faulty Feline Feral Fury

Name: J'leytai Mitu
Race: ミコッテ |Mikotte/Miqo'te
Clan: サンシーカー族|Sun Seeker
Tribe: J (Jackal) "Jah"
Height: Five fulms (5'0")
Weight: One hundred and nine ponze (109 lbs)
Hair: Black, Gold Highlights
Eyes: Gold
Sex: Female
Age: Young
Nameday: 9th Sun of the 5th Astral Moon
Patron: Azeyma, the Warden
Place of Birth: Gyr Abania, The Peaks
Harem: N/A
Sire: J'mitu Nunh

I am the main attraction,
My story must be told.
I am a chain reaction that never gets old.
Some cats get satisfaction breaking the mold,
Some cats are just distractions,
Some cats are just gold.

How tragedy can find its garb in flesh; a rendition most potent as to grace poets' tales. The sands of Gyr Abania are but recently freed, and the legacy of its Garlean occupiers are regrettable concessions made in the name of survival and the 'Glory' of Garlemald.

High upon the peaks the jackal clan of Miqo'te dwells, and in their field they compete only with the nearby marmot clan for survival. Ala Mhigans knew to give them their respected berth; but no longer is this truth self-evident, the lessons of the past long-lost to the sands of time.

The sands hide more than pure desolation, however; this any desert dweller would tell you. In the arid cliffs and high steppes lurk gems of untellable quality and gold purer than gil.

Descending from their peaky temples, enter J'leytai: Coeurl form prodigy, dancing jackal 'queen' and huntress. Speaking no common and cut loose into the cold and unknown, her mission to be a token of good will obsolete and the one who took her in in the aftermath a failure.

What prayers does she offer at the givings of thanks to Azeyma? Does she give praise for her freedom, or does she curse her for her woes?

Time will tell.

Gridania:The Twin Adders have a bounty out on a Miqo'te of her description, wanted for the murder of a man at a dancer's bar in the Lavender Beds. Presenting as a harmless bar with dancers on stage, the educated know that this seedy front is actually a cover for a shifty brothel in the back. The lalafellan owner was in hysterics over the 'unwarranted murder' and the 'sudden violence' of his new 'asset'.
Gyr AbaniaThose familiar with the local Miqo'te tribes in the area might recognize the J variant of huntspeak she speaks. Residents of Ala Mhigo during the occupation might remember that she was traded by her clan to the Garleans some months before the liberation, and that she then fell into the hands of a penny-pinching, seedy Lalafell after the liberation.